2005 Resolutions



WHEREAS the Michigan State Horticultural Society
… Recognizes Michigan’s unique and valuable water resource that should be utilized in a responsible manner that will protect and prepare for future generations.


… Horticulture production is highly dependent upon the accessibility of water for sustained economic viability within the great state of Michigan.


Michigan State Horticultural Society supports water use legislation that will minimally impact water utilization for Michigan’s Horticultural Industries.



WHEREAS the Michigan State Horticultural Society recognizes that

… On the farm markets provide a valuable outlet and consumer source for locally grown produce.


… Local units of government differ widely in their acceptance of direct to consumer farm marketing practices.


… Resolved that direct farm marketing should rightfully be considered as an accepted agricultural use, thereby included inMichigan’s right to farm legislation adopted with pertinent GAAMP’s.


WHEREAS the Michigan State Horticultural Society recognizes that

… the State of Michigan is nearly unmatched in agriculture diversity; second only to California.


… Michigan’s current economic uncertainty demands additional economic stimulation. 

THEREFORE be it resolved that

… the State of Michigan should adopt taxation policies that promote agricultural production, processing and new value-added processing opportunities.


WHEREAS Michigan agriculture is highly dependent on a migratory labor work force to produce, harvest and process agricultural crops,

AND WHEREAS U.S. immigration policy fails to meet agriculture’s comprehensive needs,

AND WHEREAS executive branch of federal government is encouraging widespread immigration reforms,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Michigan State Horticultural Society supports a broad based immigration reform that includes a guest worker program and is not excessively burdensome nor administratively demanding to workers and/or employers.


WHEREAS many Michigan fruit and vegetable processors have extended payment terms which may extend several years from date of delivery,

AND WHEREAS several processors have declared bankruptcy leaving farmers as unsecured creditors capturing only pennies on the dollar,

AND WHEREAS Michigan lacks laws giving producers secured creditor status,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Michigan State Horticultural Society supports legislation assuring that fruit and vegetable growers receive secured position and full payment for commodities delivered.


WHEREAS the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has been empowered to protect Michigan’s air, land and water resources,

AND WHEREAS agriculture has been construed to be chronic polluters without just cause,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Michigan State Horticultural Society supports DEQ enforcement practices to be based on sound science and GAAMPS rather than perception.


WHEREAS the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been requested to speed up approval of phyto-sanitary standards for Chinese fresh and processed apple imports into the United States.

WHEREAS this is unfairly competitive and highly detrimental to U.S. apple producers.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Michigan State Horticultural Society urges USDA to encourage full compliance tophyto-sanitary standards on Chinese fresh and processed apple imports.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED Michigan State Horticultural Society reaffirms our support of organizations such as U.S. Apple and other partners to encourage USDA in this process.

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