About the Trust Fund

The Michigan State Horticultural Society (MSHS) established a perpetual Trust Fund in 1984. The purpose of the Trust is to support science and education in horticulture. The Trust promotes excellence in public and private horticultural research, education and extension by supporting:

  • Horticultural research at Michigan State University (MSU) and similar agricultural research institutions. Research should have primary significance for the Michigan fruit industry.
  • Horticultural extension programs to strengthen and/or expand educational assistance to the Michigan fruit industry.
  • Horticultural educational programs at MSU and by the Society to further disseminate scientific information and techniques to horticultural students and the general public.
  • Public informational materials and programs to further educate MSHS members and the public at large.
  • Educational scholarships in the horticultural field of study.
  • Distinguished lecturers and speakers at MSHS annual meetings.

Management of the Trust Fund

Three Society members are appointed to serve as trustees by the MSHS Executive Board. One Board member is appointed to serve as liaison. The Trust Committee manages the Society Trust Fund under guidelines stated in the Trust Fund Declaration.

The Trustees are responsible for investing the Fund in a prudent manner. Consultation with the Society's Executive Board is required for investments other than in normal securities.

The Trust Committee solicits contributions to the Trust Fund and releases such sums as may be necessary to fund the educational and scientific projects authorized to be funded by the MSHS Board of Directors.

History of the Trust Fund

The full history can be seen here.

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