1998 Resolutions


December 7, 1998

P.A. 344
Whereas the Michigan fruit industry is facing economic hardship in the world marketplace, and whereas the numbers of processing facilities are declining and the farm-to-retail price spread is ever increasing, the Michigan State Horticultural Society is reaffirming its commitment to P.A. 344 to improve the net farm income in Michigan. All processors – cooperative and independent – must comply with P.A. 344. Maintaining equitable opportunities in purchasing the raw product will ensure the continued growth of our state’s fruit industry.

Country of origin labeling
The Michigan State Horticultural Society acknowledges the original efforts to establish a country of origin label for foodstuff. Legislation needs to be defined, adopted and enforced. No abbreviations should be allowed and the country of origin placement needs to be prominently displayed. This requirement would ensure an informed consumer decision.

Dr. Jack Kelly
Dr. Jack Kelly has served the Michigan fruit industry for more than twenty years as a Michigan State University Professor of Horticulture and as the Department of Horticulture Chairman for twelve years. He was instrumental in the development and expansion of the Clarksville Horticultural Experiment Station in the 1980’s and in the move into the Plant and Soil Science Building in 1986. The Michigan State Horticultural Society honors and thanks Dr. Jack Kelly for his many years of outstanding service to this industry.

Food Quality Protection Act
The Michigan State Horticultural Society reaffirms the need to ensure that the Food Quality Protection Act implementation be based on sound science and economic impact. Hence, the necessity that all commodities have economic alternatives to the loss of any crop protection products is paramount to the success of the Michigan fruit industry. Therefore, the Michigan State Horticultural Society encourages a renewed effort by its membership, the Michigan Farm Bureau, other Michigan commodity interests and the Michigan agricultural industry to demand that the food quality Protection Act be implemented by the US Environmental Protection Agency in a sound scientific manner.

Apple Juice Concentrate
Since apple juice is being shipped into the U.S. at or below the cost of production of American producers, the Michigan State Horticultural Society supports the U.S. Apple Association in it’s anti-dumping petition filed with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, and any subsequent lawsuit by petitioners.

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