2003 Resolutions


1.      USDA - FSA

Whereas the United States has adopted a cheap food policy for its citizens;

Whereas The Federal Government recognizes this and has extended USDA program benefits to minority and specialty crops;

Whereas USDA assistance to minority and specialty crop producers seems to be extremely slow;

Therefore be it resolved that Michigan State Horticultural Society requests the USDA-FSA (Farm Service Agency) to improve their payment delivery system to the specialty crop grower to equal that of other commodity payment programs.


Whereas the Michigan State Horticultural Society has requested that the Michigan Department of Agriculture be empowered and mandated to remove or facilitate the removal of orchards and vineyards that have been abandoned;

Whereas abandonment is defined as those trees and vines that create the potential for disease and/or insect transfer to commercial production within one mile and are not being managed and cared for according to Generally Accepted Agricultural Practices;

Whereas the State of Michigan has lost 23% of its apple acreage (mostly to abandonment) since 1997 and the cost of crop production has escalated in recent years;

Be it resolved that it is critical that the Michigan Department of Agriculture take immediate positive action to remove abandoned orchards and vineyards.


Whereas food safety is of concern for Homeland Security and Country of Origin is an important component of food safety;

Whereas there is a great concern for food safety since September 11, 2001;

Whereas a lack of inspectors at Ports of Entry into the United States can result in the import of chemically and biologically contaminated foods into the US food supply;

Therefore be it resolved, that the Michigan State Horticultural Society requests that the Federal and State regulatory agencies increase funding to train and place additional inspectors at all ports of entry into the country, that the originating country have U.S. prior product approval, that all products imported into the U.S. meet the same quality and residue standards as products grown domestically. We petition the Federal government to look into implementing tariffs and quotas to create a more equitable playing field. We support mandatory Country of Origin labeling for fruits and vegetables and the necessary funding to implement a program to accomplish this by 2005.


Whereas we recommend that the Michigan State Horticultural Society continue to monitor water issues that negatively impact Michigan Agricultural production and create working relationship with State legislators, Michigan Farm Bureau, and other groups to protect water rights for Michigan producers of food and fiber.


Whereas the State of Michigan is experiencing a shortfall in revenue to cover the normal services to the citizens of the State;

Whereas agriculture spending has been cut to the point of only a maintenance level;

Be it resolved that the Michigan State Horticultural Society recommends the Legislators and the Governor of this State not curtail further funding to the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Michigan State University, Michigan State University Extension, and Michigan Agricultural Experiment Stations.


Whereas the various fruit-industry associations in the State of Michigan have generously supported the research programs of Michigan State University, including plant propagation, product research, and breeding programs, the University in turn has sold patents and proprietary rights to buyers not approved by the funding partners;

Therefore, it is requested that all patents and property rights be reviewed and approved by the various funding entities prior to assignment or sale for commercial propagation or commercial manufacture.

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