2002 MSHS Scholarship Recipients

Mavis Tan

Mavis received a BS degree in Food Science from MSU in August 2002.  She has been accepted into MSU’s graduate program and is working with Dr. Janice Harte on two projects.  One is Chestnut based project development and the other is Apple cider.  She has received various scholarships and been involved with several organizations in her undergraduate career.

Creela Overton

Creela is currently enrolled at Grand Valley State College, majoring in natural resource management.  She is the secretary of the Soil and Water Conservation Society on campus.  She has spent the last two summers working in the I.P.M. Scout Project in West Central Michigan.  Her career goal is to become a chemical and pest management consultant.

Mercy Olmstead

Mercy is currently enrolled in the P.H.D. program at MSU.  Her area of interest is Cherry physiology and dwarfing.  In her undergraduate years she has worked with the grape and wine industry in CA. & WA State.  Her career goal is to have an extension position with MSU and teach at the college level.

Jeff Russell

Jeff is currently enrolled in Southern Illinois University.  His major is Plant, Soil and General Ag.  He has worked with the SIU research orchards.  His career goals are to teach Horticulture at a community college and to grow fruits and vegetables.

Katy Winkel

Katy is currently enrolled at MSU majoring in Agribusiness.  Her experience includes working on a Fruit and Vegetable farm, SW Research and Extension and Michigan’s Plum Advisory board.  Her goal is to market produce internationally.

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