2011 MSHS Scholarship Recipients

Brett Blaauw (Michigan State University) 

Brett is currently working on his PhD in Entomology and will graduate in December 2012. His goal is to work together with Michigan farmers to conserve beneficial insects, improve farm practices and help solve common concerns in the fruit industry. He is presenting two talks during this year’s EXPO on blueberry pollination and biological controls for blueberries.

Michael Hardigan (Michigan State University) 

Michael will be completing his Bachelor’s in Horticulture Science in December, 2011. His area of interest is in Breeding and Genetics. He plans to earn his PhD in genetics with interest in university research for increasing fruit adaptability and stress tolerance with berry or fruit crops.

Mary Harris (Michigan State University) 

Mary is currently working on her Bachelor’s in Crop and Soil Sciences. She plans on graduating May, 2013. Mary has worked the last two summers scouting fruit crops in central Michigan. She plans on pursuing a career in the fruit industry after she graduates.

Kimberly Lesniak (Michigan State University)

Kimberly pursues a PhD in Plant Pathology with plans to graduate in May 2013. Her area of interest is Mycology and Extension Education. She is gaining expertise in molecular advances and techniques in crop systems and management of both for educational purposes.

Peter McGhee (Michigan State University) 

Peter is working on his PhD in Entomology and plans to graduate May 2013. His area of interest is tree fruit production and pest management. He would like to focus his efforts on developing easy-to-use tools and methods for detecting developing resistance to insecticides prior to failures.

Cory Outwater (Michigan State University) 

Cory is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Plant Pathology with a special area of interest in fruit tree pathology. He plans to graduate in 2013. After graduation he plans a career in the fruit industry with a focus on fungal pathogens and to develop new tools that can be utilized in disease management strategies.

Sarah Thompson (Purdue University) 

Sarah is working on her Masters degree in Entomology with an area of interest of fruit IPM and high tunnels. She plans on graduating May 2012. After graduation she would like to continue working in the fruit industry using her knowledge and experience with high tunnels possibly in the Extension Education field.

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