2013 MSHS Scholarship Recipients

Dana Acimovic (Michigan State University)

Dana will graduate with a Masters degree in Viticulture. She is interested in finding a position in a winery with vineyard. She is interested in the physiological aspects of wine grape production and expanding acreages of grapevines and increasing wine production.

Luisa F. Castiblanco (Michigan State University)

Luisa will graduate with a PhD in Plant Pathology in June 2015. She would like to find a job in the fruit industry doing research that would be applied toward tangible solutions for plant pathology issues that would benefit growers in Michigan and the Midwest.

Jacob Eli Emling (Michigan State University)

Jacob will graduate in May 2014 with a Masters in Viticulture. He is interested in non-traditional varieties of grapes, teaching and applied research. The research he is interested in involves developing an improved trellis design for super cold hardy varieties, understanding effects on vine physiology and control of the ripening of cold-hardy cultivars, characterized by a rapid sugar accumulation and a slow acid degradation.

Adam Merlington (Michigan State University)

Adam will receive his Masters degree in plant pathology next May. His research has focused on developing management strategies for controlling potato scab and dry rot in commercial potato production. Upon graduation, Adam expects to continue working with potatoes in a technical position within the industry.

William (Rob) Morrison (Michigan State University)

Rob will be completing his PhD program in entomology next spring. His research has investigated alternative control strategies for asparagus minor, which is a major pest in asparagus fields that is not easily controlled by conventional methods. Rob hopes to fill a university faculty position doing research, extension and teaching related to insect pest management.

Tara Oomen (Michigan State University)

Tara will be graduating in May. She is majoring in Agribusiness Management with a minor in agronomy. This past summer she interned with Syngenta, working with fruit and vegetable crops in research locations in California, Oregon and Washington. Tara plans to either return to her family farm in Oceana County or work in industry in an ag-related position.

Daniel Schoenborn (Michigan State University)

Daniel will graduate in the fall of 2014 from the 2 year Commercial Horticulture program. Daniel desires to work at Wilbur Ellis Chemical Company as a sales consultant so that he can still be out in the orchards helping growers produce the best quality fruit possible.

Addison (Addie) Spolyar (Michigan State University)

Addieis majoring in Crop and Soil Science. This past summer she worked as a field scout for Helena Chemical Company and will be working for Helena again next summer. Addie hopes to eventually work in agribusiness as a crop consultant and sales representative.

Luke Steere (Michigan State University)

Luke is in the first year of a Masters degree program in plant pathology, with an interest in soil health and potato disease management. He has experience working with potato growers on various production issues. Luke may pursue a PhD degree after completion of his Masters program.

Letizia Tozzini (Michigan State University)

Letizia will graduate in December 2013 with a PhD in Horticulture. She desires to work in an academic environment so she can educate new generations of students with an interest in and agriculture, particularly those with interests in fruit and grape production. She also hopes to use her acquired skills to provide science based answers to problems in the fruit and grape industry.

Kaytlin Veverka (Michigan State University)

Kaytlin plans to graduate in May 2015 from the 2 year Commercial Horticulture program. Kaytlin works at Wilbur-Ellis and aspires to become a chemical sales rep, hoping to learn as much as she and about every crop she works with. She wants to be a knowledgeable sales rep committed to the agricultural community.

Chad Wallinga (Dordt College, Sioux Center, IA)

Chad is a Plant Science major. His family farms in Grant, MI. This past summer he worked for Nunhems Seeds on cucumber field trials. When he gets his degree, he plans to either return to his family farm or work as an agronomist in agribusiness.

Haiqiang (Harry) Wang (Michigan State University)

Harry will be completing a PhD program in Food Science next summer. His research involves the prevention of cross-contamination of tomatoes with Salmanelladuring washing, drying and slicing. During his doctoral studies, Harry spent a summer as a food safety and packaging intern for Freshway Foods in Ohio. He career plans focus on food safety work, particularly in the area of fresh produce handling and processing.

Elizabeth Wittenbach (Michigan State University)

Elizabeth will graduate in Spring 2016 with a 4 year degree in Agribusiness Management. Elizabeth is interested in the governmental aspect of agriculture. She plans to spend a semester interning in Washington D.C. She hopes to pursue a Master's degree in Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics and work for a company that promotes markets apples.

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