2017 MSHS Scholarship Recipients

Jacquelyn Albert (Michigan State University)

Jacquelyn is pursuing a master’s degree in Entomology.  She is interested in integrated pest and pollinator management specifically in the fruit industry.  She plans to become an extension educator after completion of her master’s degree.

Jacqueline Gleason (Michigan State University)

Jacqueline is pursuing a master’s degree in Plant Pathology.  She has been working on cherry leaf spot for the past two years.  She has come to understand farming as a family-oriented business and hopes to help keep the family traditions alive with her research.

Cara Goch (Michigan State University)

Cara is majoring in Agriculture Business Management.  She became passionate about agriculture after working in an orchard in high school.  She hopes her future career will allow her to promote agriculture to consumers that are not familiar with farming.

Holly Hooper (Michigan State University)

Holly is pursuing a master’s degree in Entomology.  In working on several different farms around the world, she has learned a variety of different management programs.  She hopes to help educate farmers on the best IPM practices to preserve profit and the environment.

Gregory Kugel (Southwestern Michigan College)

Gregory is majoring in tree fruit management and development.  He has enjoyed growing up on the family farm and working the various farm jobs.  After graduation, he hopes to continue working at CPS and farming part-time.

Suzanne Slack (Michigan State University)

Suzanne is working on getting a doctorate in plant pathology.  Her research has been focused on managing fire blight and apple scab.  She is interested in continuing in tree fruit pathology research after graduation with the goal of increasing knowledge on how to best manage pest issues.

Joshua VanderWeide (Michigan State University)

Joshua is close to completing a master’s degree in horticulture with an emphasis on viticulture.  He has enjoyed working with wine grapes and hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in the future.  Joshua plans to stay in viticulture research after graduation.

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