2019 MSHS Scholarship Recipients

Emily Kropf (Michigan State University)

Emily is planning to graduate in the spring of 2022 with a degree in Agribusiness Management.  She started her agricultural career on the family farm and has continued it through an internship at GreenStone last summer.  She is also a former Michigan Apple Queen.  Emily hopes to work with an agricultural support company upon graduation.

Philip Engelgau (Michigan State University)

Phillip is scheduled to graduate with a PhD in Horticulture in the spring of 2021.  He has worked in the Beaudry lab charting apple maturity as well as conducting controlled atmosphere experiments on apples.  Phillip hopes to work as a professor studying the molecular basis for fruit characteristics such as color, taste and aroma.

Denny Alt (Michigan State University)

Denny is going to graduate next spring with an undergraduate degree in Crop and Soil Science.  He has worked on his family fruit farm since he was young and has also worked for Wilbur-Ellis as a tree fruit scout.  Upon graduation, Denny will continue to work the family fruit farm as well as work with his brother on their contract research business testing developing technology.

Ariana Hernandez (Michigan State University)

Ariana is planning to graduate with a master’s degree in Entomology in the spring of 2021.  She has spent much time working on various fruit in the Tree Fruit Entomology lab and has focused on SWD.  After graduation, Ariana hopes to work in Extension helping farmers better protect their crops against pests.

Jenna Walters (Michigan State University)

Jenna hopes to graduate in the spring of 2021 with a master’s degree in Entomology.  She has worked on heat stress effects on blueberries during bloom in the Isaacs lab.  Upon receiving her master’s degree, Jenna plans to continue her education through a PhD.

Shay Shemanski (Michigan State University)

Shay has just started working on a PhD in Plant Pathology and hopes to graduate in 2024.  Shay joined the Miles lab and is studying anthracnose in blueberries.  Upon graduation, Shay’s goal is to have a dual appointment to teaching and extension to be able to educate both students and farmers on how to best control disease.

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