2020 MSHS Scholarship Recipients

Daniel Dick (Michigan State University)

Daniel is planning to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture in the spring of 2022.  Since being in college, he has volunteered with the Student Horticulture Association, participating in plant giveaways, parades and plant sales.  Recently, he has worked with Dr. Gregory Lang on his cherry research projects.  Prior to that, Daniel had an internship in New Zealand working on a robotic apple harvester for three months.  He hopes to continue his education, ultimately becoming an extension educator.

Philip Engelgau (Michigan State University)

Phillip is scheduled to graduate with a PhD in Horticulture in the spring of 2021.  He has volunteered his time in several horticultural organizations while on campus.  He has worked in the Beaudry lab charting apple maturity as well as conducting controlled atmosphere experiments on apples.  Phillip hopes to work as a professor studying the molecular basis for fruit characteristics such as color, taste and aroma.

Fletcher Robbins (Michigan State University)

Fletcher is currently planning to graduate in the spring of 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Plant Biology.  He has worked with the Bug Club of MSU and helped during aquatic insect sampling days, which determines the water quality of streams.  He has worked in the Isaacs lab on both blueberry and grape insect pests.  Fletcher is focused on the needs of Michigan fruit growers as he looks to pursue a career after first furthering his education.

Ariana Hernandez (Michigan State University)

Ariana is planning to graduate with a master’s degree in Entomology in the spring of 2021.  She has loved her time in the Entomology Student Society over the last several years, interacting with growers while focusing on management of pests detrimental to agriculture.  She has spent much time working on various fruit in the Tree Fruit Entomology lab and has focused on SWD, currently studying their overwintering habits.  After graduation, Ariana hopes to work in Extension helping improve public education of agriculture.

Hannah Gaither (Michigan State University IAT and Northwestern Michigan College)

Hannah is looking to graduate in the summer of 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Viticulture and Fruit Crop Management.  She is currently working at a winery on Old Mission Peninsula and is enjoying putting what she’s learning in her courses to practice.  Upon graduation, she plans to look for a viticulture industry job in northwest Michigan.

Tye Wittenbach (Michigan State University)

Tye is very close to graduating with a Master’s degree in Horticulture, specializing in apple production.  He has participated in several different campus organizations during his several years at MSU and spent most of his semesters on the Dean’s List.  After completing his Master’s program, he hopes to find a job as a researcher in West Michigan specializing in fruit production.  Eventually, Tye hopes to return to the family farm and also serve on the fruit boards that support the Michigan industry.

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