2018 Tatter Scholarship Recipients


Tye Thompson (Michigan State University)

Tye is majoring in Horticultural Science.  He has participated in many agricultural groups including the Michigan State Horticulture Association and FFA.  Most notably, Tye has pursued his love of farming by starting his own small farm.  He grows vegetables on a few acres and sells his produce at a couple nearby stands.  He has slowly expanded this business and has seen it grow successfully.  In the future, Tye hopes to run his own farm market.


Suzanne Slack (Michigan State University)

Suzanne is pursuing a PhD with a thesis focused on fireblight control in apples.  Her research has focused on timing applications more effectively in order to save growers money and reduce potential resistance issues.  She has given a number of talks recently, passing on insights from her research.  Suzanne hopes to have a career as an extension educator to be able to work closely with growers to help them be as effective and efficient as possible.

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