2019 Tatter Scholarship Recipients


Johnathon Rittersdorf (Michigan State University)

Johnathon is planning to graduate with his undergraduate degree in Horticulture in the spring of 2021.  He has spent many years working on the farm – starting with tractor driving and moving up to managing harvest crews.  In addition, he has started his own clothing company, 4 American Agriculture, where he sells many clothing items focused on promoting farming.  After graduation, Johnathon plans to continue to follow his entrepreneurial inclinations to help improve farming.


Joshua VanderWeide (Michigan State University)

Josh is close to completing his PhD in Horticulture with an emphasis on Viticulture.  His anticipated graduation date is May 2020.  While pursuing his doctorate, he has been busy researching topics such as the effect of leaf removal on vinifera vines, presenting the results of his research and also teaching a few classes.  He also already has an impressive list of published papers.  Upon graduation, Josh hopes to secure a job as a postdoc studying grape and fruit ripening and eventually moving into a faculty position.



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