2020 Tatter Scholarship Recipients


John Gove (Michigan State University)

John Gove grew up on his family’s fruit, flower and vegetable farm in Massachusetts.  Starting in fourth grade, he ran his own part of the farm, specializing in cherry tomatoes and popcorn.  He paid for the inputs and saved the profits for college and a car.  His work on the farm led him to a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture at Michigan State University, where he expects to graduate in the spring of 2021.  While at MSU, he has worked in the plant physiology lab, working with Stevia and in the floriculture lab, working with succulents.  Upon graduation, he hopes to work for a company for a few years where he will be able to make a difference in the world of agriculture.  Eventually, he plans to make his way back to the family farm, becoming the 7th generation to run it.


Doug Higgins (Michigan State University)

Doug Higgins is a PhD candidate at Michigan State University.  He has been working on developing hop downy mildew management strategies for Michigan as well as investigating a new disease of hop plants called halo blight.  Doug’s thesis has generated Michigan’s first hop-specific fungicide efficacy results.  These results were then published in the journal Plant Disease and were the subject of a number of extension articles and presentations.  Upon completion of his PhD, Doug is planning a career as an Extension Specialist or Professor.  He plans to apply what he’s learned through a methodical approach to research based in a full understanding of the cropping system, field observations and a strong relationship with growers wherever he ends up working.



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