2005 Tatter Scholarship Recipients

Laura Havenga (Michigan State University)

Laura is working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture, specifically in biotechnology specialization. Currently she is working on research with ethylene in cucumber flowers and how the lack of apical hooks is effecting the germination of compact cucumbers. Future plans include helping raise the fruit and vegetable industry awareness to the consumer. She would like to increase the public’s awareness of the farmer’s dedication to growing quality produce locally.

Stephen Tennes (Michigan State University)

Stephen has learned much valuable information from his father, Dr. Bernie Tennes, on their family farm and in his studies at MSU. It is his intention to continue to run and expand the family farm and become more involved in Michigan’s fruit and vegetable industry. Stephen’s particular focus will be in direct marketing the farm experience agritourism to the consumer. He is also in the process of establishing an organic apple orchard. Stephen wants to share his gained knowledge to improve and promote Michigan’s agricultural community.

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