1998 Funded Research

Title (Principle Investigator, Collaborators)
Total Funded: $103,671

The Use Of Ozone And Chlorine To Reduce Or Eliminate EBDC Pesticide Residues In Fresh And Processed Apple Products -- Assessment Of Degradation Products (Dr. Jerry Cash, Mj Zabik, Al Jones)

Investigations To Enhance Anthocyanin Production And Maturity Uniformity Without Over-Ripening (Dr. Dave Dilley, Wang, Burmeister, Hewett)

Pheromone-Based Control Of Apple Pests (Dr. Larry Gut, Wise, Isaacs)

Slide Generating Equipment (Dr. Ron Perry, Hanson)

Apple Market Research (Dr. Don Ricks, Sterns)

Apple Varieties For Michigan -- Demand And Production Characteristics (Dr. Don Ricks, Schwallier)

Improved Marketing And Strategic Planning For The Future Of The Tart Cherry Industry (Dr. Don Ricks, Sterns, Rowley)

Repellents For Animals, Particularly Deer And Rabbits, Derived From Plant Species (Dr. Stan Ries, Baughan)

Apple Maturity Testing Of Honeycrisp (Phil Schwallier, Brown, Beaudry)

Orchard Evaluation Of Three Commercial Honey Bee Attractants For Use In Pollinating Apple Blossoms And Subsequent Fruit Set (Dr. James Tew, Ferree, Sammataro)

Development And Application Of Milk Protein-Based Edible Coatings To Extend Shelf Life Of Slice Apples (Dr. Z. Ustanol, Hernandez, Cash)

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