1999 Funded Research

Total Funded: $77,193
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 Principle Investigator

Project Title

 Ron Perry

Travel Support to Attend Fruit Meetings in New Zealand

 Eric Hanson

Raspberry Variety Testing

 Eric Hanson

Strawberry Variety Testing

 Eric Hanson

Tree Fruit Nutrient Precision Application: Phase I

 Stanley K. Ries

Repellents for Animals Derived From Plant Species

 Phillip Schwallier**

Apple Maturity and Storage Testing of Honeycrisp  (See page 5 in Adobe .pdf file.)

 Phillip Schwallier**

Constructing New High Density Equipment to Reduce Costs of Producing Apples (See page 6 in Adobe .pdf file.)

 Phillip Schwallier**

Storage, Slicing, and Fresh Evaluation of Four Promising Disease Resistant Gerber Varieties (See pages 5-6 in Adobe .pdf file.)

 Phillip Schwallier**

Apple Thinning With Accel and NAA Combinations (See pages 1-4 in Adobe .pdf file.)

 Phillip Schwallier**

Evaluation of New Apple Varieties for Fresh Market and Processing Characteristics (See page 7 in Adobe .pdf file.)

 Kris A. Berglund

Development of a Michigan Fruit Brandy Industry

 Randolph M. Beaudry

Long-Term Storage of Apple Using a New Ethylene Action Inhibitor 1-MCP

 David R. Dilley

Investigations to Enhance Anthocyanin Production and Maturity Uniformity Without Over-Ripening

 Larry Gut

Pheromone-based Control of apple Pests

 James Tew

Orchard Evaluation of Three Commercial Honey Bee Attractants for use in Pollinating Apple Blossoms and Subsequent Fruit Set


                **All Schwallier reports are contained in one .pdf file.

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