2002 Funded Research

Eric Hanson  Safe Post-Emergent Herbicide Use in Blueberries
Rufus Isaacs 
Delivering IPM Information Into the Hands of Grape Growers: A Pocket Guide for Michigan Grape Growers
Rufus Isaacs Optimizing Control of Grape Berry Moth in Michigan Vineyards: Grape Berry Moth Project - Phase 2
Eric Hanson  Raspberry Variety Testing
Bridget Behe & Gregory Lang  High Value Niche Cherry Market Research
Annemiek Schilder  Evaluation of Biocontrol and Reduced-Risk Products for Control of Strawberry Diseases
James Flore Improving the Performance of Blossom Thinners
David Dilley 
Development of RHAMP (Red Halo Apple Maturity Predictor): A User-Friendly Maturity Index
Phil Schwallier  CA Storage of Honeycrisp
Phil Schwallier  Evaluation of New Apple Varieties
Phil Schwallier  Use of MCP, ReTain, and Ethrel Use on Apples Held in Storage

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