2003 Funded Research

Total Funded = $49,143  (General = $28,172   Bull = $15,671   Hersey = $5,300)
Principal Investigator Title of Proposal Renew / New Year/Year
E. Hanson Cold Hardy Blueberry Varieties for Michigan New 1/2
E. Hanson Blueberry Tolerance to Postemergent Herbicides New 1/1
E. Hanson Raspberry Variety Testing Renew 5/5
S. Thornsbury Economic Implications of US - Poland Trade in Tart Cherries New 1/2
R. Beaudry Elimination of Postharvest Drenches for Apple - Research, Extension and Impact Assessment New 1/4
W. Shane Evaluation of New Apple Germplasm for the Michigan Fresh and Processing Industries Renew 3/ongoing
G. Lang & E. Hanson Computer Projector for Fruit Crops Extension Presentations New 1/1
G. Lang & E. Hanson Equipment for Creating and Digitizing Fruit Crops Training Videos New 1/1
P. Schwallier Calcium Treatments to Reduce Postharvest Disorders in Honeycrisp New 1/1
A. Schilder Evaluation of Biocontrol and Reduced-risk Products for Control of Strawberry Diseases Renew 2/2
D. Dilley Role of Bioflavonoids and Ascorbic Acid in Human Health New 1/3

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