2005 Funded Research

  Total Funded = $44,585      
Principal Investigator Title of Proposal  Renew / New Year / Year  
Guyer, D. Integrating Cherry Cooling and Water Resource Management New 1/2  
Gut, L. Impact of Neglected Apple Orchards on Pest Abundance in Commercial Orchards New 1/2  
Schilder, A. Utility of Dormant Sprays for Disease Control in Small Fruit Crops in Michigan New 1/2  
Thornsbury, S. Economic Implications of U.S. - Serbia & Montenegro Trade in Tart Cherries* New 1/1  
Sundin, G. Bacterial Spot of Peach in Michigan: Impact of Host Resistance and Bactericides on Population Structure and Disease Control Renew (began 2004) 2/2  
Isaacs, R. Integration of Neonicotinoid Insecticides Into Strawberry IPM Programs Renew (began 2004) 2/2  
Hanson, E. Full-Season Strawberry Production in Michigan Renew (began 2004) 2/2  
Hanson, E. Leaf Fluorescence to Detect Subtle Herbicide Stress in Blueberries Renew (began 2004) 2/2  
Schwallier, P. Apogee Evaluation on Apple 2005 Renew (began 2004) 2/3  
Beaudry, R. Eliminations of Postharvest Drenches for Apple - Research, Extension and Impact Assessment Renew (began 2003) 3/4  
  *Funded using Bull & Hersey Funds      

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