2013 Funded Research

Project No. Principal Investigator Title of Proposal Amount
MSHS-13-01 Sundin, George Screening of multiple fungal pathogens for sensitivity to SDHI fungicides and development of resistance detection methods $5,000
MSHS-13-03 Hanson, Eric Day Neutral Strawberries and Potted Raspberries in High Tunnels $3,900
MSHS-13-04 Lang, Gregory High tunnel fruiting wall nectarines, apricots/apriums, and plums/pluots: post-establishment fruiting phase $4,000
MSHS-13-05 Isaacs, Rufus Spotted wing drosophila control in MI berry crops $8,000
MSHS-13-06 Gut, Larry Exotic pests of MI tree fruits $4,000
MSHS-13-07 Schilder, Annemick Evaluation of fungicide resistance in Botrytis cinerea and Colletotrichum acutatum in strawberries in MI $3,196
MSHS-13-08 Schilder, Annemick Improving prospects for management of blueberry leaf rust $4,500
MSHS-13-09 Beaudry, Randolph Optimizing CA and air storage of honeycrisp apples $3,500
MSHS-13-10 Schwallier, Phillip Apogee Tall Spindle SW MI Trial $2,000
MSHS-13-11 Schwallier, Phillip Chemical Thinning & PGR's $4,000
MSHS-13-12 Flore, Jim Testing the potential of delaying bloom of fruit crops in MI using mist-cooling delivered by the SSCD (Solid-set canopy delivery system) $7,500
MSHS-13-13 Whalon, Mark MRLs and Michigan Fruit Growers $11,779
MSHS-13-15 Wilson, Julianna Demonstrating the efficacy of under-canopy irrigation for frost protection in apple and tart cherry orchards. $6,000
  Total General Trust Fund $67,375

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