2016 Funded Research

Project No. Principal Investigator Title of Proposal Amount
MSHS-16-01 Gut, Larry Emerging Pests of Michigan Tree Fruits $3,000
MSHS-16-02 Pochubay, Emily Working Toward Developing Effective and Economical Weed Management Programs for High-Density Apples $8,300
MSHS-16-03 Lang, Gregory High Tunnel Fruiting Wall Nectarines, Apricots/Apriums, and Plums/Pluots/Plumcots: Post-Establishment Fruiting Phase $8,124
MSHS-16-04 Vanocker, Steve Great Lakes Cider Apple Collection and MSU Cider Apple Trait Database $4,852
MSHS-16-05 Beaudry, Randolph Evaluations of Storage Alternataives for Honeycrisp and other CO2 sensitive varities $3,000
MSHS-16-06 Grieshop, Matt Evaluating Spray Efficacy of a Solid Set Canopy Delivery System in Grapes, Raspberries, and blueberries $7,923
MSHS-16-07 Perry, Ronald Root pruning high density apple and tart cherry with a Disc Root Pruning Implement $4,000
MSHS-16-09 Isaacs, Rufus Spotted Wing Drosophila Control in Michigan berry crops $18,491
MSHS-16-10 Schwallier, Phillip Evaluation of Multiple Leader High Density Apple Training Systems 2016 $3,000
MSHS-16-11 Schwallier, Phillip DA Meter Investigation Predicting Maturity 2016 $3,000
MSHS-16-13 Schwallier, Phillip Evaluation of Precision Thinning and New PGR's Proposal 2016 $9,500
MSHS-16-14 Schilder, Annemiek Assessment of virus prevalence in Michigan raspberries $5,440
MSHS-16-15 Schilder, Annemiek Can compost teas enhance soil and plant health in fruit crops? $5,000
MSHS-16-16 Schilder Annemiek Comparing biological methods to control nematodes that vector viruses and damage roots in fruit crops $4,845
MSHS-16-17 Schwallier, Phillip Apogee Tall Spindle SE MI Trial 2016 $2,000
MSHS-16-18 Schwallier, Phillip Honeycrisp Rootstock and Grower Block Nutrition Proposal 2016 $8,000
  Total General Trust Fund $98,475

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