2018 Funded Research


Project No. Principle Investigator Title of Proposal Amount


Bunting, Erin Modeling Michigan suitability of Vitis Vinifera using advanced geospatial data and methods $24,676
MSHS-18-002C Irish-Brown, Amy

Apple fruit russet assessment for high value varieties

MSHS-18-003 Lindell, Catherine

Testing the potential of unmanned aerial systems to deter pest birds

MSHS-18-004 Todaro, Thomas Improving NW MI horticulture research center for a data driven wine grape extension program $7,017
MSHS-18-005 Rothwell, Nikki Refining SWD host preference to better manage this pest in sweet and tart cherry orchards $9,370
MSHS-18-006C Hanson, Eric Raspberry Production in Containers        $4,800
MSHS-18-007C Hanson, Eric Strawberry Cultivar Trial $3,800
MSHS-18-008 Schwallier, Philip Honeycrisp and general horticulture proposal $12,366
MSHS-18-009 Irish-Brown, Amy Using sap analysis for honeycrisp nutrition and bitter pit management $13,706
MSHS-18-010 Gut, Larry Managing invasive pests to maintain IPM programs $7,500
MSHS-18-011C Lang, Gregory Advanced fruiting wall nectarine and apricot production systems $8,997
MSHS-18-012 Van Nocker, Steve Control of crop load and alternate bearing in "honeycrisp" apple through regulation of flowering $7,235
MSHS-18-013 Van Nocker, Steve Development of red juiced apple cultivars for MI hard cider production $3,788
MSHS-18-014C Isaacs, Rufus Blueberry stem gall wasp management in MI blueberries $15,046
Total  $133,096
Money returned to MSHS due to Annemiek Schilder's project not completed     $7,551
Total Trust Fund Expense  $125,545


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