2017 Funded Research


Project No. Principle Investigator Title of Proposal Amount
MSHS-04-17 Grieshop, Matthew Solid Set Canopy  Delivery System (SSCDS) Performance in Grape Training Systems (Poster) $9,874
MSHS-05-17 Gut, Larry Managing Invasive Pests to Maintain IPM Programs $7,500
MSHS-06-17 Hanson, Eric Raspberry Production in Containers $6,600
MSHS-07-17 Hanson, Eric Strawberry Cultivar Trial $3,600
MSHS-08-17 Irish-Brown, Amy Apple Fruit Russet Assessment for High  Value Varieties (Poster) $5,000
MSHS-09-17 Irish-Brown, Amy Honeycrisp Rootstock and Grower Block Nutrition Proposal 2017 $6,000
MSHS-10-17 Isaacs, Rufus Blueberry Stem Gall Wasp Management in Michigan Blueberries $14,672
MSHS-11-17 Lang, Greg Advanced Fruiting Wall Nectarine and Apricot Production Systems $8,888
MSHS-12-17 Rothwell, Nikki Developing More Sustainable and Effective Insecticide Programs to Control Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) in Michigan Cherries. $8,744
MSHS-13-17 Schilder, Annemiek Developing a Protocol for Dagger Nematode and Nepovirus Detection in Fields Prior to Planting Perennial Fruit Crops. **Note: This project was cancelled and funding moved to 2018. $7,551
MSHS-15-17 Schwallier, Phil Honeycrisp and General Horticulture Proposal 2017 and 2018 $5,000
MSHS-18-17 van Nocker, Steve Great Lakes Cider Apple Collection and MSU Cider Apple Trait Database (Year 2) $4,126
MSHS-19-17 Wise, John Trunk Injection for Pest Control in Pears $11,000
MSHS-20-17 Mota-Sanchez, David Field -Evolved Resistance of the Oriental Fruit Moth to Insecticides in Apples in Michigan $11,500
Total General Trust Fund   $110,055


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